• As a consulting service for NI, RFTMS was highly instrumental in inventing the STS.
  • The T4 is our concept.
  • The DX interface we designed, along with Reid Ashman, who provides the interface for NI.
  • RFTMS is a leader in configuring systems to meet your needs, as well as designing load board, writing SW, and integrating the final solution. We do this for wafer test, packaged parts, and modules. RFTMS can address any level of integration that your parts employ, from a single functional block, i.e., Power Amplifier (PA) to System-on-a-Chip (SOIC). We test all sorts of RFICs.
  •  RFTMS has the requisite experience on other Semiconductor ATE platforms to port from any platform to the NI STS.  In addition, we have experts outside of the company that we can call upon for those more complex porting scenarios.

ATE System Design and Implementation

  • Turnkey test system architectural design and integration
  • Software-defined Test (SDT) Systems for the production floor or engineering lab
  • Enterprise-wide automation solutions as it pertains to testing products and managing test date
  • Database and/or XML driven RF and microwave ATE

Software Services

  • Instrument Drivers in all technologies including IVI-COM, IVI-C, VISA Plug-N Play, and LabVIEW Project-Style
  • Device Drivers for Device or Unit Under Test (DUT/UUT)
  • Soft Front Panels for bundling with Evaluation Kits of your products
  • RF-related measurement & calibration routines
  • Other software services related to the test engineering disciplines


Design For Test (DFT).

  • We reduce time to market by optimizing throughput in the lab and on the ATE. 
  • We are experts at working with your designers to design testability into your products.

    With our background in quality control, we can also design active sampling plans that:

    • Improve Product Quality
    • Reduce Test Time
    • Reduce Cost of Test

    The fewer tests that fail, the less testing has to be done, achieving the above results.

    Design of on-wafer or in-socket calibration standards for de-embedding.



Hardware Services

    • Custom ATE assembly and system verification
    • Custom fixturing solutions and physical interfaces
    • Load boards for semiconductor testing
    • Custom solutions for signal routing and signal conditioning


Measurement Accuracy

  • RFTMS provides cascaded S-parameter de-embedding
  • We provide custom calibration standards for on-wafer or in-socket de-embedding
  • RFMTS provides guided operator Power Calibration routines using Calibration Wizards
  • We optimize linearity and signal fidelity of you digitally modulated signals

Consulting Services

If you have adequate resources to build hardware and generate code, but you lack in RF-specific knowledge, contact us at RFTMS. We will be happy to assist you in:

  • Selecting and configuring hardware
  • Understanding RF circuitry
  • Understanding RF measurements and measurement methodology
  • How to perform RF-related calibration routines
  • Best practices and what to avoid when implementing physical interfaces
  • Any other RF-centric knowledge



  • RF Training
  • Custom courses available upon request
  • LabVIEW Training
  • Custom courses available upon request.